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At Lakhany Official, our aim is to make shopping convenient for our customers, which is why we offer a range of payment options.

1. Credit Cards & Debit Cards:

2. Cash on delivery:

  • Customers can pay for their purchase on delivery of the ordered products. We offer this service for orders ship to Pakistan.

Safe Shopping: We have taken several steps to ensure that payments made on Lakahny Official are safe and secure. At no point will anyone from Lakhany Official ask you to share your Credit Card, Bank Account or your Account details via email or call. We request that you do not share these details with anyone under any circumstances.

You can also email us directly at to immediately get the best possible solutions and information

Shop at your convenience and pay for your purchases on delivery! A representative from our team will contact you to confirm the order.

Lakhany Official is built on a legacy of customers’ trust. In the digital age, why should that change? Our website is backed by the most secure systems in the business world today, so you can shop via your credit/debit card with complete peace of mind.

We never give any information regarding our customers to any third party, ensuring complete confidentiality and reliability for all online customers.

For our customers’ convenience, Lakahny Official offers the convenience of payments with a variety of currencies. Simply click on the drop menu above to choose your desired currency and continue to shop. Your total amount will appear in the currency you have chosen.

To change your currency, select the drop menu again and simply choose another currency.